“ITGabs: Question and Answers about IT” It’s a blog that compile all the right answers about easy or trivial IT problems.

Edit: Friday, 24 May, 2013
Estoy nuevamente irrumpiendo en mi blog pero en Español pero solo temporalmente, actualmente me siento muy lento para escribir en ingles y estoy probando escribir de la manera mas natural posible, sobre mi trabajo, vida o aventuras. voy a traducir pronto cuando ya tenga un método simple que no me quite mucho tiempo.

I am again breaking into my blog in Spanish but only temporarily, I am currently very slow to write in English and I’m trying to write in the most natural way possible, about my work, life and adventures. I will translate soon when I have a simple and fastest method.


Bonzo Style: I created this blog for don’t forget my own answers when I try to help people in the ThaiVisa Forum, the idea to use ITGabs nick coming from that forum. My nickname Gabs coming from a friend in New Zealand CHCH since in Spanish (I am Chilean) the nick is Gabo or Gabi and I hate that, but Gabs sounds nice (and in the mouth of she sounds so lovely)… IT was a prefix thinking on Hey James a workmate in ThinkHR that have his webpage all in one.
I’ve never feel happy with my own webpages etc, of course I did a lot but since I was very busy, usually I work full time, but really full 50-70 hours per week so no time for my webpages and since before that webpages not give benefits at all, until now, now I am full in the social media network, just look at xeeme.com/itgabs (I follow back, accept invitations, etc )  why?, because it’s so f#$@ hard to get projects when you living as a nomad, I mean for example, now I am living in Thailand, but I am from Chile and usually I work for USA, so is quite complicate to find a job in that way, I never be a freelancer really is not my job, I am/was very bad to sell my self like this bonzo about hahaha, but I am  a quite genius with machines so coming back to the point of this “about” for more than 15 years I’ve being helping people or getting help on different forums under different nicks so the idea of this is show the good question and the final easy answer or just for remember to my self since look in a forum is pretty bad.

Probably this will evolve or die so please help me with some comments, like or that social interactions, if you like that you find in this blog.

Have a Great day!!

Gabriel ITGabs
Software and Security Architect, RIA Expert

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