Example of Webcam Sharing and Functions – Capaes Beach Cam

This is a example of the webcam player that I’ve been working

Releasing the New Controls today obviously this is a real streaming so you can’t go into the future but yes into the past, around 48 hours

There are other hidden controls

left key and right key, change how many images will jump, negative values go into the past like a reverse play

+ – key, change the playback FPS, not the real FPS from the camera that is hardlinked to 1 FPS for stability, instead change the in steps of 25 milliseconds the time lapsed between images, from Thailand I can get 100-150 milliseconds.

The minimum value is 3 miliseconds, the Default value is 1000 miliseconds

Q hide or Show the controls

F go full screen

Z is a 3D eastern egg

T is a boring timer

W open the widget to get the html code to insert into webpages or blogs etc




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