Video: 4DX The new cinema experience

Well this surprise me so, lets looks what it’s this

“Theaters are equipped with high-technology motion seats that move in perfect sync with on-screen action. The realistic sophisticated motion is designed by fully trained CJ 4DPLEX’ motion programmers which sets 4DX™ apart from the unrefined and turbulent motions you may experience elsewhere.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. You will be able to experience special effects such as wind, fog, lightning, and scents that enhance what you see on the screen. 4DX™ enables you to connect with the movie, sending you on a journey with the characters, and ultimately freeing yourself from the flat screen. Movie going is no longer just a simple viewing, but an all-encompassing experience. Don’t just watch the movie; be in it. Make it your experience.”

Sound amazing but that fart at the end, really? that make me laugh.

This is not a experience to all the people, check the voucher at the official page


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