Dropbox users complain of spam emails reminiscent of last year’s data leak, company is investigating

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A thread on the Dropbox forums is filling up with reports of users getting sent spam email to addresses that have exclusively been used for the service. The uptick in spam has grown beyond just a few users, sparking some comparisons to last year’s data leak.

Dropbox has taken notice and is now investigating.

The thread indicates a couple of things that make this more interesting than ‘I’m getting spam’. First, many of the users complaining about the issue claim to be using email addresses exclusively for Dropbox. This means that they aren’t public emails and shouldn’t be on any other lists anywhere. Second, the spam coming to those emails spring into existence over the space of the last few days, indicating that there was some sort of incident (like a leak of emails) that allowed spammers access to them



ITGabs‘s insight:

Probably the leak of information is not only about emails, bad for DropBox

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