In A Play For More HTML5 Muscle, Intel Buys appMobi’s HTML5 Developer Tools, Leaving appMobi To Focus On The Cloud | TechCrunch

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Intel will not be left out of the party when it comes to being central in the mobile app ecosystem. The company today acquired a set of HTML5 development tools, originally created by appMobi and used by some 150,000 developers, and has hired staff from appMobi that worked on the product to continue to maintain it. appMobi, meanwhile, is going to forge ahead as a standalone company, focused on the remaining part of its business as a provider of cloud services for mobile applications. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


The acquisition was first made public by appMobi in a letter sent out to the 150,000+ developers that use its platform. A copy of that letter was sent to TechCrunch and is below.


In it, appMobi spells out the basics of what Intel has now taken under its wing. In short, it’s a set of app creation and testing tools that cover mobile web, Windows 8 and Windows Phone, iOS, Android and more.



ITGabs‘s insight:


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