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Social media platforms enable you to drive awareness to your cause(s) and they can play a key role in your organization’s fundraising efforts. For instance, the Amora family, detailed in Facebook’s latest Facebook Stories feature, set up their Maven’s Heart FundPage and surpassed their goal of one million pesos for baby Maven’s heart surgery.  It’s a great story, and was helped along through the family’s social media efforts.

Let’s take a look at ways social media can assist with fundraising for your organization. And use these Tweet buttons to share the tips with others.

1. Tell Your Story

Through your organization’s YouTube channel, share a video that gives your audience some context to your fundraising efforts.  Don’t simply ask your community for their hard earned-money, show them who and what will benefit from their donations.  Looking to raise money for a Children’s Hospital (see below)? Let your community have a virtual look at your facility, and some of the people that stand to benefit from your efforts.


Read more: http://www.radian6.com/blog/2013/02/5-simple-tips-for-fundraising-with-social-media/



ITGabs‘s insight:

Very good examples

See on www.radian6.com


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