The beginner’s guide to Greasemonkey scripting

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The idea behind Greasemonkey is pretty simple. It’s a Firefox extension, installed in the same way as any other Firefox extension (find it via the Tools > Addons menu and hit Install).

However, it doesn’t do anything in and of itself: what it does is to enable you to run scripts, either by other people or by yourself, which will alter the way web pages look and function.

Greasemonkey user scripts are the bits of code that actually do the work – Greasemonkey itself just loads and manages these. User scripts are written in JavaScript, but be warned: for security reasons, this isn’t just a question of writing regular JavaScript and away you go.

There are some gotchas to be aware of, although the scripts in this guide don’t encounter any of them. A quick note if you’re unfamiliar with JavaScript: this guide isn’t going to explain JavaScript syntax in any detail, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a go. It’s all fairly logical and the code snippets are all explained.

ITGabs‘s insight:

Very Easy Guide to use Grease Monkey

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