3 Deep, Dark Secrets of Cloud Computing

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The promise of cloud computing is that you, the customer, don’t ever have to buy another server, back up another disk drive or worry about another software upgrade. All those promises are true—and now there are multimillion-dollar companies without a single server closet. Cool.

Unfortunately, too often cloud applications and services are bought by people who really shouldn’t be buying. Sure, they may have the budget—did you hear Gartner’s prediction that the CMO will spend more on tech than the CIO by 2017?—but that doesn’t mean they necessarily have the training to make good IT decisions, let alone the discipline or skills in their underlings to actually execute a coordinated technology strategy.


Users tend to think of a cloud purchase as a “solution.” No more hard work until renewal time. What’s going through their heads? “See, we skipped the need for IT and all that overhead!”

The moment they start to take a cloud system seriously, though, users want mash-ups, custom code and the capability to drag and drop items from the desktop. They want to integrate with other data sources inside and outside the company. Executives want reports and dashboards.

In other words, everyone will want the leverage and efficiency of an IT system. Those benefits only come when there’s an architect and a “general contractor” working together, not just a “workman.”

ITGabs‘s insight:

The benefits only come when there’s an architect and a "general contractor" working together, not just a "Wordpress seo guy" hahaha

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