Blogging about today

Today I was invited and incorporated to the team by Nicole Yacobozzi and I found friends there from Empire Avenue, Xeeme, and Facebook Networks Dubie Bacino the CEO of top10tag and Florinel Nicolai, both social media expert that help me a lot and many times…  probably i’ll add more links and pictures…

I am really learning about whatisfiction so I can’t say so much but the video/intro it’s amazing

Another thing that I learned today is about the automation tool for Empire Avenue, I use it Here is a quick demo that shows how to use it

So that is all for today ^_^ BTW check my I added a lot of funny pictures from Ko Samui



3 thoughts on “Blogging about today

  1. Excellent post Gabriel, social media is a the way we can move forward, connecting, jumping into a discussion, engaging, helping each other will #changetheworld. A few game changers dare to be different and the future is written now just about to happen 🙂

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