Koh Samui – Spa business & Vacation & Promotion

Jan 30 11:17 PM, Just disrupting my Q&A IT blog to talk about today, quite difficult since this moment doesn’t have a start and it’s a consequence of many things that is quite difficult to explain, but well who cares, with luck some one will read this so lets making fun about write this 🙂

I am actually testing wordpress, the TEXT version, as part of my plan of blogging for money and self promotion… ok I know that self promotion it’s a bad idea but this it’s in the smart way, I already have experience getting jobs just showing examples or betas of easy things that look amazing for the people that don’t know about techy or coding stuff, sorry for jump from idea to idea but well I am thinking in more than one line of thought, and write or read is just limited to one… today we came back to Ao Nang with Rattana and Jessy and in the road we picked up Kit, the husband of Jessy, to have a dinner after a long trip from Lamai in Koh Samui.

We speak about business. I was waiting for that meeting, wanted to know was what they really needed, since my girlfriend told me that they need a webpage or webprograming for a business, travel agency or spa that could be interesting, but really Kit need a normal webpage for the hotel that him work and they already have a designer, there are many connections, the good thing is that they understand that webpages it’s not the only thing that I make, left clear that I am not a designer or a webpage maker, I can do everything and so much more, I give some examples but in the middle of my presentation my girlfriend touched my pockets looking for my credit card and passport and her ID that we forgot in the hotel in Koh Samui…



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