Why I Can’t use google.com as default while I am traveling?

The problem basically is because Google have many domains name in many countries and this work with an automatic IP detection, should be better if the can pick the regional settings from your OS trough your browser but this is not the case of Google.

So while you travel in other countries you can easily feel that Google annoying you with strange languages, and not accurate search result based in regional settings by your IP.

How to fix that?

Adding some values to your URL, the next information and examples are for Firefox but you can easily use the URL as a default page in other browsers. (Firefox have the ability to do the search directly on the address bar)

In the Firefox address bar type about:config and enter, read the “message” and enter again (if is your first time in that area)

search -> keyword
double click on keyword.url
change the default for some of these


now you can search directly in the address bar and the result will be in English

you can change the language changing this hl=[languague]

for example for Spanish/ESpanol = es


You can add more values for example:

&tbs=qdr:d   search default only for today
&tbs=qdr:w   search default only this week
&tbs=qdr:m   search default only this month
&tbs=qdr:y  search default only this year

&tbs=li:1 mode verbatim on (this deactivate the annoying idiot proof search on Google that all the time it’s trying to correct your words without asking)
sad that it’s not possible combine verbatim with time

&safe=off  this deactivate the default “safe search: moderate”, very useful for +18 content.

&safe=on  if you have children around this set up the safe search: strict


http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&tbs=li:1&q=  (English, Safe Off, Verbatim On)

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=on&tbs=qdr:y&q=  (English, Safe On, Last Year Search On)

If you have some question or suggestion left your comment bellow.

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